Nonduality is the art of pure awareness,  and comes from the ancient wisdom of The Upanishads which are a collection of philosophical and spiritual commentaries, some of which were composed over two and a half thousand years ago, and form a living expression of what is pure awareness.

Nonduality Pure Awareness Book Cover ArtBehind our general backdrop we perceive as reality: objects, thoughts and feelings, there is a knowledge that goes beneath the surface of all things, to a more intuitive understanding that may be described by the word ‘love’.

Nonduality awareness is realising we are not form, thought or feeling, we are awareness, observing the world through the eyes of our being human. Fundamentally, we are an infinite ocean of awareness out of which arises all the waves of human possibility and experience.

Also called Advaita Vedanta in Sanskrit, nonduality awareness becomes a way of self inquiry with a single aim: To look for truth in simply being.

We turn our attention on the inner world, rather than the world of mind and matter, and we discover the shores of pure awareness. Here, our human wave dissolves back into the sea of consciousness and we recognise our true self. True self consists in the absence of the idea of self. This means our getting out of the way.

Beyond mind, beyond thought and form, there is a timeless place of awareness where everything is known by simply being.

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