Robin Craig Clark

Robin Craig Clark is the author of four non duality books that teach how our world is one essential reality for all people. The Garden received an award in the WA Premier’s Book Awards for Digital Narrative—the first of its kind in Australia.

IRobin’s books are a delicious blend of words and art that create a rich-sensory reading experience. By building a bridge between heart and mind you will journey beyond the individual sense of separation and discover the ever present oneness of life

Robin’s books are known for their effect on opening the heart to a state of altruistic perception, experienced when “thinking” through the heart. “My books are written within the timeless, boundless space of pure awareness. The heart is the bridge that transcends the limitations of mind. Awakening is purely the absolute freedom from yourself; the idea you are an individual separate from the world. Right here, right now and ever present, in the midst of your ordinary life, you are already all that you are seeking. You are soul . Once the veil of separate self slips away you will see you are never for one moment separate from all that is. One world. One reality. One people.”

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