Unborn Mind

by Nonduality Books

Unborn Mind Unborn SelfThis beautiful book is presented as a timeless tale of infinite possibility. A wonderful imagery of a perfect garden where anything is possible. Beyond the world of your mind lies the garden of your unborn mind.

Evocative passages and poetic rests makes this book a pleasure to read. Enlightening and insightful meditation on words and art to inspire true spiritual awakening. Take a journey along an ancient path and discover a mysterious garden where every word is a meditation on life and love. Its mystery is part of the appeal, it helps bring your own life into the book. All of us have a quiet longing to return to nature and live as we were intended to do.

The Garden uses an exemplary fusion of art and poetry to tell the story of spiritual awakening on earth. The text, under the inspiration of the unborn mind, provides a thorough understanding of the perfect and natural state of enlightenment and is accompanied by paintings prepared especially for this book. Never before has our soul’s evolution been so clearly, so ingeniously portrayed.’

Reading The Garden is like walking on sacred ground and can be used for clearing your mind and opening your heart. It is a book that reflects back your own pure awareness.

Enlightening and  insightful prose with dazzling illustrations that stimulate the imagination. The reader is taken on a journey down a path of ancient wisdom where every word becomes an appreciation of life, spoken directly from the author’s soul. The Garden is our return to holism and honesty, inspiring us to reach an inner state of peace, harmony and inner creativity. This beautiful inspirational book is presented as a timeless work of art that can easily awaken the hopes and dreams in us all.

Copyright © Robin Craig Clark 2014
Author and Homeopath
The Gateless Gate